Monday, December 23, 2013

Relayd™ is in Pilot Testing!!

Relayd™ is an easy to use web-based ticket management solution for small service-based businesses. 
The Problem
A small business owner described their struggle with receiving and managing requests from their clients. Sometimes it was a phone call or a voice mail. Others it was a text message, e-mail, hand-written note or Morse code. With the wide variety of communication methods, it was difficult for this business to prioritize the work, schedule and assign it to be completed, or even communicate the status of the work back to the client. 
The Solution
Implementing Relayd™ allowed this business to provide their clients with a single method for submitting work requests. Since requests are never submitted handwritten on a napkin anymore, they never lose track of them because everything is backed up and digital. Clients don't have to call to ask when something is scheduled or who is working on their request because they can log in to see the status in real-time. E-mail notifications also come right to their inbox as soon as notes are left on the ticket or the status changes. 
The Status
We now have 10 companies testing Relayd™ for us and providing feedback! If you are interested in helping us test or simply want to know when the system is available, please give us your address on the sign up page. 
Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far and we're excited to open up to the public in the next few months. Our target date for final pilot testing and invitation only sign-ups is February 1, 2014. We plan to be open to general public on April 1, 2014. 

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