Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Open to the Public

We have finally removed the invite code on the Sign-up page so that anyone can create an account and check out the site! We're excited to hear the feedback from our early adopters and see how the system is being used to make sure the features we're adding make sense.

Relayd™ is a Ticket Management System that is designed to help service-based businesses stay organized with the work they are performing. Customers appreciate the transparency into the work being performed as they are automatically notified when the ticket is moved through the workflow (pending, in progress, complete, etc...)

Relayd is great for these service-based businesses:
- General Contractors and Construction Companies
- Freelancers (photography, website design, logo design)
- Apartment Maintenance (tenant maintenance requests)
- Automotive/Mechanics (customer work tickets)
- CPA & Tax Firms 
- Hair Salons (schedule appointments)
- Lawn Care & Landscaping

If you don't already have an account, consider creating one today! Sign Up

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